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New Indonesia Travel Rule Prohibits 92% Of Australians From Entering Bali

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Hello! Welcome to my blog!

About me: I am currently a senior in college studying Management and Marketing. I have always dreamed of traveling out of the country/ living abroad. I see so many posts on Instagram and Pinterest about places that are a “must have” to visit. It was only then when I saw the true beauty of this place. I typically watch youtube videos in my free time about people visiting beautiful places around the world and that is were I gained my big interest and passion for travel. You can learn so much just by watching a fifteen minute video. I came across a few YouTubers that frequently visit Bali and they rave about how inexpensive it is when you get there. That is when I began to do a little research of my own. It is true! You do not need to spend a lot of money to have a luxurious experience.

I have always been inspired by luxury travel, yet my wallet didn’t always match my dream destination. This is when I found out about traveling to Bali. The flight may be expensive (around $1200 USD), but once you’re there everything is dirt cheap. Think about going on the excursion of a lifetime, staying in a charming villa with an infinity pool exiting your bedroom, or the delicious 4+ star rating food that you could eat with only spending $30 a day. Each house is beautifully designed and you don’t have to commit to staying in one place if you correctly plan your trip. Bali also offers scooters that you can rent for as little as $4 a day so you can explore the beautiful land around you.

Bali is a place that all young people should visit. Whether you are a student looking for a fun summer vacation, or a young adult that just wants some adventure in your life. In my blog, I will be discussing all of the fun activities you can do, places to stay, and restaurants to visit while still keeping in mind that we can all do this on a great budget. This blog will not only be helpful for the people reading this, but it will also be a learning experience for me. I have never truly planned a trip entirely on my own. By the end of this blog, I hope to achieve a complete travel guide along with tips and tricks to saving money along the way. My goal is to have traveled to Bali within the next two years. There will definitely be updates and pictures to go with it!

The clear blue waters are calling your name!

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